by Seth Clements

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4 songs from the past winter.


released June 5, 2013

all songs written and performed by Seth Clements.




Seth Clements Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: You Can't Fall in Love With the Wind
I'll love you in the springtime
when the flowers start to show
I'll love you in the summer
with the water at our toes
I'll love you in the autumn
when the world is turning gold
You'll leave me in the winter
when it's cold

Your just like every other
pretty gypsy woman that I've known
You used to keep me warm
but now i'm lying here alone
I held you through the night
come the morning you were gone
Like ever other gypsy that I've known

You can hold on to the tree
because it's roots they go down deep
Climb up on the mountain
though the walls they may be steep
Walk beside the river
and find your way again
You can never fall in love with the wind
Please never fall in love with the wind
Track Name: Woe
My heart looks for love in the darkest and the deepest of corners
my brain can't mantain this pain, so attempts to avoid her
I've been here before, and fore long I'll return here again
Fear is not something that I see myself living in

Slowly I opened my door and I let you step in
but when you left my heart was inside my stomach
I crawled deep inside my own chest to find what I needed
a bird in a cage sat inside and I finally free'd it

Up through my throat, out my mouth, it came singing a song
it sings to this day and will sing until the day I am gone

It cries
Track Name: Things you Made me Say
Life is Short
So love me now
Don't ask me why
I couldn't tell you how

Let you're light
warm up my soul
Watch it grow
Then let it go

go away

Our paths will cross
and we'll awake
you'll push my love
I'll test your faith

the sun will set
we'll go our separate ways
I won't forget
the things you made me say

Say, to you
Track Name: Just the Way it Should
Let me stand like the mountain
just to move like the sea
let me walk into the sunset
that is right in front of me

Let me live like a peasant
just to serve my fellow man
let me take what I was given
place it gently in his hand

Let me fight like a lion
just to hold you like a lamb
let me walk the middle road
until one day I reach the end

Let me see
That there is Love and it is good
explain to me sometimes it hurts us
just the way it should

Let me know
that there's a light on in the dark
explain to me that I can find it
if I listen to my heart